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General Inception

GI is a venture studio incubator that partners with scientific founders at or soon after company formation. A key distinguishing feature of GI compared to other incubators, accelerators and venture studios is its ability to go beyond developing and validating business plans by translating an idea into a proof of concept, prototype, or MVP.

It accomplishes this by leveraging a portfolio of R&D partners comprising over 400 scientists, engineers, and designers…and growing. While the healthcare and life science verticals are an area of particular specialty for GI today, it is open to co-founding or pre-seeding great companies in virtually any area of technology or industry vertical as long as:

There is patented or patentable innovation which solves a complex technical problem and business plan can be arrived at with less than $1M of spend
The innovation is fundamentally game-changing by improving upon state-of-the-art by at least 10X and ideally 1,000X+
It is plausible that a backable team and business plan can be arrived at with less than $1M of spend

GI is the conception and creation of VVP MD, Dr. Paul Conley, who serves as Chairman. GI leverages and significantly expands VVP’s existing efforts with university IP.

If you are an exceptional technical founder with a big idea but need a co-founder to flesh it out, feel free to reach out at