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Our Mission

Our sole mission is to generate outstanding returns for our investors who entrust us with their capital and, in so doing, create wealth for the founders and employees of the companies we back. As long as we do this in a way that is consistent with our values, nothing else matters.

If you are interested in working with us, you can learn more about our investment criteria and process here.

Our Philosophy

We believe understanding is more powerful than knowledge alone, especially when born from effort, pain, and struggle. We believe in healthy scar tissue and lessons learned from a founder’s experiences. We believe that unique insights into product opportunities come from founders who have lived the problem they are setting out to solve. We look for founders who have become “native guides” on the path to solving those problems for customers. We also believe that successful execution requires focus, so while there is no recipe for what makes a successful founder, we have found that we align best with founders possessing a strong desire to build and a deep understanding of a specific industry vertical.

Our Values

Collaboration on every single investment decision from the beginning.

We all work on all the portfolio investments…together. Each of us has a different skill set and signature style. Each of us has a profound respect for what the other brings to every investment we make…together.

Integrity and ethics matter.

DO: the work to find the truth, listen to the facts, focus on what is right rather than who is right, be transparent, be helpful even if we don’t invest. DON’T: mislead people, be sharp-elbowed, act like a jerk.

Customer-centric approach.

The most valuable answers are in the customers’ heads. Earn the right to ask the hard questions.

If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong.

We work extremely hard and we take our commitments very seriously, but we genuinely enjoy each other’s company and believe in waking up every morning to solve problems, have fun, and eat well.