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The new origin of faster, better, cheaper medicines

A mission to democratize medicine discovery with a novel technology that utilizes a variant on DNA- Encoded-Libraries and microfluidics, with currently limited, if any, competition.


Dedicated to improving the development and commercialization of biopharmaceuticals

Abreos Biosciences is a precision medicine company based in San Diego, California. Abreos’ core technology is the Veritope platform, based on peptide antigen mimetics (mimetopes) that bind to antibodies in the antigen binding site.


Advanced Threat Defense solutions to detect, engage and respond to malicious activity

Acalvio invented breakthrough Deception Technology, based on 25+ issued patents, and integrated it with advanced AI to provide industry leading autonomous deception solution that is effective, easy to use and enterprise scale.

Developing the next generation of RNA analysis tools to enable new medical treatments and diagnostic assays

Alida Bio has developed a new platform technology for detecting and locating RNA mods that detect and locate dozens of RNA mods, provide relative and absolute quantification, are compatible with clinical samples, and is fully automated.

Amira Learning

The first intelligent reading assistant that listens, assesses & tutors

Amira accelerates reading mastery by recommending appropriately challenging stories, listening as a student reads aloud, and intervening when helpful. Amira was built in partnership with top institutions including Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, and The UT-Health Science Center at Houston.


AI-powered email assistant for the real estate industry

Amitree has developed Folio, the first AI powered operating system for real estate transactions. Folio helps real estate agents organize and manage their transactions right from their email inbox by organizing key transaction details and data to smooth the process for agents and their clients.


The first flexible, paper-thin, customizable battery

Ateios aims to drive innovation to new heights in the world of conformal energy by changing the key limitation: the rigid battery. Ateios’ platform technology is a novel manufacturing process for highly customizable and flexible batteries that can be integrated into electronics manufacturing.

Digital technology platform that partners with independent auto repair shops to offer a superior car repair experience

Autolab provides a reliable acquisition channel for shop owners while helping them with tools for managing the shop more efficiently as well as support in customer service. Also, offer great consumer services for fleet owners through technology and customer service at an affordable price.

Reinvigorating neighborhoods by supporting real estate entrepreneurs with innovative technology and capital

Backflip is a technology and investment company that empowers real estate entrepreneurs to improve local communities by rejuvenating housing. They provide a platform where existing and aspiring real estate entrepreneurs learn, create, support, and rebuild.

Empowering eye care providers with world-class software

On a mission to empower optometry practices with world-class software so they can focus on what truly matters: the health of their patients. They are building a more efficient and intuitive practice management platform that enables optometrists to focus more on patients and less on paperwork.

Basilard BioTech

Revolutionizing cell-based therapies in CGT

Basilard Biotech is a Southern-California-based company poised to lead a revolution in the engineering of cell-based therapies in Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT). In 2019, the company launched a disruptive gene delivery technology platform called Celletto™.


Next-generation single-cell sample preparation

Cellsonics is reengineering single-cell sample preparation to deliver the individual characteristics of each patient sample for a precision medicine  approach to the analysis, treatment and diagnosis of disease.


Semiconductor MEMS for 3-D Sensing

Chirp Microsystems designs, develops, and manufactures a line of extremely low power, ultrasonic 3D-sensing solutions for consumer electronics, smart homes, industrial automation and more.

Concert Health

Leading behavioral health medical group with a turnkey solution for primary care

Through Collaborative Care Management (CoCM), an evidence-based model for treating depression and anxiety in primary care settings, Concert makes it easy for primary care and women’s health physicians to deliver high-quality behavioral health care, improve clinical outcomes, and take advantage of new CoCM reimbursement opportunities.

delix therapeutics

Pharmaceutical development to rewire the brain to heal the mind

Delix Therapeutics is applying modern tools of pharmaceutical development to some of nature’s most ancient therapies, psychedelics. Through its discovery platform, Delix has identified a class of non-hallucinogenic versions of psychedelic compounds with favorable safety and therapeutic profiles.


Transforming commercial insurance by making it radically simple for businesses to get the right insurance at the best price

Embroker is the first insurance platform designed for small and mid-sized businesses. The company is replacing the traditional insurance brokerage with a tech-enabled, data-driven platform fully supported by in-house, licensed experts. Embroker combines the service and expertise of the best-in-class brokers with an innovative technology platform.


Scientific instruments for microbiology cultivation and screening

GALT brings to market next generation tools for the study, isolation and cultivation of microorganisms. The company addresses a massive unmet need in a rapidly growing “microbiome” market where current state-of-the-art R&D tools can access only 1% of species or strains. GALT’s lab-on-a-chip technology enables extremely high throughput microbiome screening and bioinformatics analysis.


Scientific instruments for graphene manufacturing

Grolltex (“graphene-rolling-technologies”) is an advanced materials and equipment company headquartered in San Diego, California. The company’s core strength is creating products based in a single layer, CVD generated graphene of the highest quality. Through patented transfer and processing methods, Grolltex is able to produce single layer graphene at a cost structure not previously known.

Premier marketplace to easily and efficiently buy host-read podcast ads

HeadGum is a podcast network formed by Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld, and Marty Michael, with studios in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. HeadGum’s goal is to produce, curate, and promote the best podcast content from around the web, while helping advertisers confidently scale campaigns and provide more revenue to podcasters.

Inbox Health

Reinventing how medical companies manage patient billing and communication

Inbox Health helps medical billing companies reinvent how they manage patient billing and communication. Their platform completely handles patient billing, payment, and follow up communication and support for billing companies.


Developing the world’s first platform for scalable digital genome engineering

Inscripta is developing the world’s first benchtop platform for scalable digital genome engineering. The company’s advanced CRISPR-based platform, consisting of an instrument, consumables, software, and assays, offers a fully automated workflow that enables massively parallel, trackable editing of single cells at an unprecedented scale. Inscripta’s goal is to empower scientists whose gene editing research is stifled by current technical and licensing limitations.


Analytical platform to transform and accelerate the development of biotherapeutic drugs

Intabio provides an analytical platform to transform and accelerate the development of biotherapeutic drugs by enabling early product quality characterization and producing profound efficiency gains across all stages of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

A new category of loyalty program software for eCommerce merchants

Creating a new category of loyalty program software for merchants to empower their most committed customers with an elevated level of customer experience.


Scientific instruments for the pharmaceutical and clinical healthcare industry

IONpath is revolutionizing the analysis of tissue biopsies with multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging. The company is commercializing next-generation immuno-histo-chemistry (IHC) instrument technology for pharmaceutical and clinical healthcare applications.


AI powered cyber security platform

JASK is a software company dedicated to empowering security analysts with the insight, analysis and investigation platform they need to focus their efforts on the most critical threats facing the organization. JASK Trident brings together Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Fast Data expertise to develop a fundamentally new approach that produces fewer alerts while identifying more cyber attacks.


Scientific instruments for the measurement of nanoparticles

MANTA Instruments produces scientific instruments that characterize nanoparticles much more effectively than existing products. The Company sells these instruments directly to customers that use nanoparticles in their products or services.

Enabling next-generation electronics through advanced material science

Menlo Micro is reimagining one of the most fundamental building blocks of electronic systems – the electronic switch. The company’s Digital-Micro-Switch platform is a game changer for those who design electronic systems, serving multiple industries including next generation 5G mobile networks, industrial IoT markets, battery management, home-automation, electronic vehicles and medical instrumentation.

Milo Sensors

Bringing new technology to the fight against Alcohol Use Disorder by developing the future of non-invasive biosensors

The skin is a super-highway of small molecules. Milo Sensors develop continuous non-invasive molecule sensors for health and research applications with a goal to provide actionable information, without the need for a blood sample.


Developer of alloy metal powders for commercial 3D printer applications

Molyworks has developed a proprietary manufacturing process for solving a key problem limiting adoption of industrial 3D printing: availability of alloy metal powders with the performance, quality and price to enable full-size, production parts for heavy duty applications.


Diesel fuel discounts for owner-operators and small fleets

Developer of a next-generation payments platform designed for the trucking industry. The company partners exclusively with independent truck stops and regional groups enabling independent owner-operators and small carriers to save cash and boost their profits.


Scientific instrument for cell analysis and sorting

NanoCellect is a life science tools company that develops and manufactures innovative solutions for cell analysis and sorting based on microfluidic technology.


Leader in the emerging field of organ on a chip (OOC) technology

Nortis is a privately held Organs-on-Chip company that is revolutionizing traditional drug development and discovery processes. Organs-on-Chip is a rapidly emerging field in the life sciences market — it covers the engineering of living human tissues within microfluidic devices called chips.

Pioneers in next generation super-resolution microscopy

ONI is a pioneer of next generation super-resolution microscopy, making this advanced technology accessible to new generations of researchers. The Nanoimager, the world’s first benchtop sized super-resolution microscope, delivers a step change in usability and precision.

Next-Generation visual construction documentation for builders and owners

OnSiteIQ is a Construction Intelligence Platform for real estate owners and developers. Clients explore stunning 360-degree imagery — from any device — to monitor progress, pinpoint issues, and collaborate with teammates. It’s dead simple, but wildly powerful.


Online ordering management system for the restaurant industry

Ordermark helps restaurants maximize profits by sending orders from multiple online ordering services to a single dashboard and printer. Created in the kitchen of world-famous Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles by a fourth-generation restaurateur, Ordermark helps small restaurants as well as thousands of brands nationwide.

Democratizing Single-Cell Biotechnology

Partillion Bioscience is an early-stage life science company aiming to democratize advanced single-cell assays with its award-winning nanovial platform. Their novel platform allows the rapid compartmentalization and analysis of millions of single cells to probe biological functions such as secreted protein


On-device food recognition and nutrition tracking for enterprise

Passio is helping businesses augment their applications and products with real-time, on-device food recognition and nutrition intelligence technology via easy to integrate SDKs and APIs.


Social media application for the higher education Industry

Portfolium partners with colleges & universities to help students connect learning with opportunity. Portfolium’s cloud-based platform empowers students with lifelong opportunities to capture, curate, and convert skills into job offers, while giving learning institutions and employers the tools they need to assess competencies and recruit talent.

PowWow Mobile

Transforming business applications into modern, mobile app experiences

PowWow Mobile allows enterprises to transform business applications into modern, mobile app experiences. PowWow eliminates business-IT friction as enterprises seek competitive advantage and increased productivity through mobile for today’s digital workplace.


Prescriptive analytics for the retail industry

Profitect is a prescriptive analytics platform designed by retailers, for retailers, that delivers a clear, quantifiable ROI and can be live within days. Profitect helps companies leverage existing big data investments to identify, resolve, and measure opportunities to transform the business by delivering actionable prescriptive analytics to the right person, at the right time. Profitect can identify issues across the entire retail supply chain and any retail vertical.


Bringing digital automation to tours and attractions

Redeam helps tourist sites, museums, and other attraction operators automate and digitize many of their ticketing and administrative processes. Additionally, Redeam helps resellers eliminate paper vouchers by connecting with a single API to check availability, create and manage reservations and reconcile transactions digitally.

Using the latest innovations in machine learning and AI to deliver the predicted lifetime value of your customers.

Retina is the leading predictive customer lifetime value (pCLV) intelligence company transforming e-commerce customer acquisition for high-growth brands. The company uses AI, machine learning, and data analytics to provide the industry’s earliest insights on pCLV to help marketers capture high-value customers and increase brand loyalty – without relying on third-party cookies or IDFA.

The all-in-one sales platform designed for roofers, by roofers

Roofr is a sales toolbox for roofers with dozens of helpful features. Users can create a professionally designed proposal, order accurate and fast measurement reports, and are provided with a 1-on-1 onboarding experience to ensure the proper individual support is provided.


Computational neurobiology to discover natural compounds

Sensorygen uses computational neurobiology to discover natural compounds that modify smell and taste behavior to replace harsh/toxic chemicals in everyday products. They patent these compounds for specific applications and can formulate them into final products with a focus on enhancing the quality of life and health by improving three important parameters: efficacy, safety, and aesthetic experience.


Social media management for multi-location enterprises

SOCi was purpose-built to address the scalability issues facing enterprises, multi-location brands and service providers on social media. With more than 50 million new Facebook business pages created in the last four years alone, social media 1.0 management tools are no longer suitable for the task of managing hundreds or thousands of pages.


AI-powered automation of esports video content

StreamRecap is the best way to automate esports video content, from highlights to full game recaps to our top of the line coaching suite, powering hundreds of thousands of videos and millions of views for our esports teams, streamers and leagues.

Switchback Systems

Democratizing DNA synthesis to enable the synthetic biology revolution

Switchback Systems is designing a simplified approach to DNA synthesis with a deployable, desktop tool. Complete, de novo gene synthesis in 24–36 hours with minimization of reagent use and waste generation. User-friendly, biosecure, simple platform. Eclipse the current outdated, centralized DNA synthesis market. Enables the synthetic biology revolution to build a sustainable future.


Developers of on demand patient-centric blood collection

Tasso’s lead product, Tasso OnDemand, allows people to collect blood from the comfort and privacy of their home and mail the samples back to the lab for analysis. By enabling frequent data on vital blood markers, researchers will obtain unique insight during drug development and healthcare practitioners will better manage care, selecting the best drug for each patient, minimizing side effects, and ensuring high adherence to treatment.


Cloud applications for mobile marketing

TE2’s Experience Studio, an innovative customer experience management platform, empowers marketers to remove physical friction points for their consumers while driving engagement and incremental revenue. The Experience Studio provides consumer facing enterprises with an engine to drive personalization, recommendations and commerce for the physical world, in real-time.

Designed by physicians to extend care beyond the walls of the clinic

Welby Health offers digital tools to help patients become more involved in their healthcare journey. They are focused on helping patients and physicians improve outcomes relative to diabetes and hypertension through behavioral triggers with the patients.

Purpose-built cognitive insights platform for life sciences, empowering the next wave of business intelligence

WhizAI is the first and only purpose-built cognitive insights platform for life sciences, empowering users to get answers to their business questions by simply asking via voice, text on web and mobile. Fast, easy, and scalable, WhizAI is the trusted partner of choice at the top global life sciences companies.


Cloud CRM applications for the logistics industry

Winmore is the world’s most widely used collaboration, CRM and workflow software for the logistics industry, helping logistics service providers (LSPs) streamline bid desks, increase margin, improve sales productivity and reduce risk in solution design and delivery.


SaaS applications for the healthcare insurance vertical

Zipari is a technology startup that develops solutions for health insurance carriers to engage with consumers in new and innovative ways. Powered by consumer analytics, Zipari’s insurance-specific CRM and Consumer Experience applications provide carriers with real-time insights into consumer behavior at every touch point, allowing them to provide a seamless customer experience.