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September 13, 2022

Roofr raises $12M to build next-gen SaaS platform

Founders Today

Roofr is a app used by roofers to instantly provide estimates for their services. It also allows them to measure roofs using aerial images and create visually appealing proposals. Roofr recently completed a $12M Series A funding round, which included participation from K5 Global, Crosslink Capital, Vertical Venture Partners and Ace & Co. Previous participants in this round of funding include Bullpen Capital and Crosslink Capital, which raised a total of $19M in funding.

Roofr’s latest funding round will help professionals around the world complete their projects faster by providing them with a simple way to manage their work. This will in turn allow Roofr to develop a robust end-to-end experience for roofers.

New Features

Roofr plans to improve their app by adding lead generation features, as well as making new partnerships for better integrations. They also intend to increase support hours and hire more employees.

Roofr announced seed funding in 2021; in addition to this, they launched new features such as proposals and an instant estimator. With this new feature, roofers are able to provide estimates for roofing work in seconds.

Roofr has announced several strategic partnerships and integrations. By doing this, they benefit their users with added features and advantages. Roofr also increased the size of their team and improved their feature set. Recently, Roofr partnered with CompanyCam to allow roofers to connect photos and notes from on-site visits with digital sales solutions.

Richard Nelson, the CEO of Roofr, is a third-generation roofer. As someone who has worked in the roofing industry, he knows the difficulties business owners face on a regular basis. In order to ease these difficulties, Nelson wanted to provide roofing contractors with the most advanced measuring and estimating software. This would allow contractors to save time, grow their profits and scale their businesses fast. The reason for this was pride in their craftsmanship and precision; roofing contractors want to use the most advanced software to build winning proposals. Roofr was created in order to solve the problems of pen and paper proposals and in-person home measurements. Its creator claims that Roofr was created “by roofers, for roofers.”
Vertical Venture Partners’ Managing Director Brad Corona stated that their firm was pleased to help Roofr continue growing in the roofing contractor market. Corona added that they partner with entrepreneurs who fully immerse themselves in their industry, and consider Roofr to be an exemplar of this principle.

Roofr is a SaaS — or Software as a Service — platform intended to help roofers save time, money and business. It was founded in 2016 by Richard Nelson and Kevin Redman. Roofr provides contractors with tools for instant estimates, contract signing and accurate reports on measurements of their roofs. Additionally, the service offers contractors access to aerial images that help them estimate measurements more accurately.

Richard started working on roofs when he was 12 years old. One morning, his uncle told him to wake up and start working for the family business. He spent every summer until age 24 on a roof.

How The Idea Germinated

Richard realized how wasteful and inefficient Roofers were when he left his job at age 24 to work in sales and project management for a large roofing company. He observed how much time and effort was wasted on pen and paper processes, subpar proposals, and inefficient Roofers workflows. Richard sold his home and left his job to found Roofr, an app that helps Roofers streamline their workflow.

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