Zipari Announces New Client: Canopy Health Insurance

Zipari announces new client Canopy Health Insurance, creating a new model for insurance companies that reduces operational costs while improving customer experience by using a
single vendor for all consumer-oriented technology.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) June 13, 2016 — Insurance software startup, Zipari, announced that it has been selected as the technology partner for Canopy Health Insurance. Canopy Health Insurance, a new consumeroriented health plan focusing on individual enrollment, has retained Zipari for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service center software, billing and enrollment software, and all consumer-facing technology including online shopping, provider portal and prescription portal. This partnership creates a new model for insurance companies that reduces operational costs while improving customer experience by using a single vendor for all consumer-oriented technology. The elimination of the traditional enrollment and billing Third-Party Administrator (TPA) streamlines operations while enabling carriers to have a holistic view of the customer.

“Canopy is going to market with a focus on millennials, requiring a much different approach to brand, marketing and customer service than traditional health plans,” said Zipari’s CEO and Co-Founder, Mark Nathan. “We are delighted to work with Canopy to ensure that communication between the customer and carrier is central to all of Canopy’s services”.

Canopy Health Insurance’s Chief Marketing Officer Tracy Faigin said, “The partnership between Canopy and Zipari provides an ideal way to leverage each other’s strengths, and creates a new and streamlined model for running a health plan. Zipari’s one-of-a-kind Consumer Experience Platform and CRM solution built specifically for insurance provides Canopy with a complete enrollment and billing solution as well as rich 360 degree views of our prospects and members”.

Ms. Faigin continued “Zipari’s solutions give Canopy a distinct competitive advantage to understand healthcare consumers and engage with them more effectively. We’re excited to use this platform to provide our customers a high level of customer service and personal interaction that simplifies the entire health insurance experience.”

Zipari’s offering includes the most comprehensive suite of consumer experience software products for both the individual and group marketplaces. The unique Consumer Experience Platform provides the analytics and intelligence to capture user behavior from consumer-facing software, and enable insurers to have a complete view of their members within Zipari’s CRM Application. The result is superior customer service from the website to mobile to the call center.

About Zipari
Based in Brooklyn, New York, Zipari, is a technology startup that develops solutions for carriers to engage with consumers in new and innovative ways. Powered by consumer analytics, Zipari’s insurance-specific Consumer Experience Platform and CRM Applications provide carriers with real-time insights into consumer behavior at every touch-point, allowing them to provide a seamless customer experience.

About Canopy
Canopy Health Insurance is built from the ground up specifically for today’s health insurance environment–focused on individual consumers and designed to be efficient, different and connected through innovative and best-of-breed technology and services. The leadership team consists of experienced executives in the managed care, technology, and consumer marketing. Visit to learn more.

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