Zipari Launches CX Engagement Hub to Prioritize Goals Based on Value and to Measure ROI of Consumer Engagement

BROOKLYN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zipari, the first and only consumer experience platform built specifically for health insurance, announced the launch of its CX Engagement Hub today. This new offering provides payers with two key capabilities: (1) to attach a value to their cross-departmental goals for each member; and (2) to intelligently orchestrate and prioritize engagement via a consumer’s preferred communication channel.

“Given our exclusive focus on the health insurance vertical, we understand payer pain points inside and out,” said Mark Nathan, CEO and Founder of Zipari. “One of the biggest pain points we hear about from our payer clients is their need to better understand the value tied to consumer experience so they can prioritize health care goals. Therefore, we built CX Engagement Hub to help payers be more strategic in their member outreach. By tying a certain value to each goal, payers can finally measure the ROI of consumer engagement.”

Powered by Zipari’s CX Engine, CX Engagement Hub allows health plans to streamline their member outreach by bringing together all cross-departmental goals (e.g. HEDIS and other quality measures or completing a member satisfaction survey) into a single dashboard. Each goal has an associated value designated by the health plan. Payers can integrate the CX Engagement Hub into any consumer-facing technology and CRM tool. The CX Engagement Hub also comes with a standard set of industry-specific goals that payers can add to or modify.

Once a goal is completed, CX Engagement Hub recommends the next highest value goal to the member via their preferred channel of communication—leading to a more efficient consumer experience. The tool continuously calculates and coordinates the member’s next best action and goal based on those that provide the highest value. When the CX Engagement Hub is integrated with Zipari’s CX360 CRM tool, health plans are provided holistic views of their members that allow for accurate reporting on consumer events, trends, and goal completion rates.

Nathan continued, “The health insurance industry continues to be challenged with improving the consumer experience, and the CX Engagement Hub will help solve some of those challenges. It prioritizes messages to complete health actions based on value, thereby increasing the effectiveness of each engagement. And, health plans will ultimately improve the overall health of the individual member, impact population health outcomes, and achieve ROI too.”

Jun. 2, 2019 |